Ateliers PHI are developing a second area of business: the design and production of furniture, lights and other household objects. A trained architect, Sophia Slingerland employs her expertise from her Swiss office in Nyon, where her inventive spirit and creativity have free reign.

The design and production of furniture are especially close to the heart of the firm, which is evolving in a world where imagination, the combining of materials and attention to detail are the driving forces.


Adaptable furniture for a unique signature

When you commission Atelier PHI-I, you get furniture design based on real, scaled-down architectural projections. The concept ingeniously combines the nobility and authenticity of wood with innovative composite materials. The aim is to showcase furniture, decorative objects or lights to create a customised scenography of interior spaces.

At Atelier Phi-I, no detail is overlooked; every aspect is considered in depth to ensure its full beauty is revealed. This unique signature in the design of cubic furniture has already conquered China, where two distributors are marketing the brand and communicating its values.

Atelier phi-i
Made in Switzerland

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