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    Conference about Passive houses

    Sophia Slingerland made a lecture at the University of Shanghai to explain to the Master of Architecture students what passive houses are.

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    The Ateliers Phi in 3 axes

    The architecture :

    Sophia Slingerland was born in Hamburg, of French-speaking German parents. The child, who dreamed of being an opera singer, literally falls in love of the mosaic of St. Mark's Basilica Venise.De this revelation germ a vocation: to become an architect.

    The design :

    One day, a new click. Sophia understands that technique alone is a wobbly move. To rebalance it, it is essential to add a good dose of creativity. And for this inveterate traveler whose journeys allow her to develop her projects, it is in China that this state of mind comes into resonance. Then she took the opportunity to expand her field of action by drawing furniture.

    The passive house :

    From the end of her studies, Sophia will think about future generations and the planet. Removing traditional heating systems means stopping the mobilization of polluting fossil fuels. It is also reducing the carbon footprint of humans in the process of global warming.